Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Glacier Experience - Day 8

Day 8 – Saturday, June 30 – Red Lodge MT to Sheridan WY
Dude Feeding Wildlife
Sorry Dude, No Food!
Bear Tooth Highway over the pass proved to be nearly as good as Glacier.  However, it was different.  There was no charge to go through it, since it is not a national park.  It does have some of the same similarities as Glacier.  The views were awesome, the mountain peaks had snow on them, and there were plenty of visitors.  The road is around 68 miles long and joins up to Chief Joseph Scenic Highway, also called Wyoming Highway 296, which is around 46 miles long.

Rob at 10,947 Feet
Kathy, Theresa, Ronnie at 10,947 Feet

Beauty Abounds
Coupled up, the Bear Tooth Highway and Chief Joseph Scenic Highway are well over 100 miles of twists, turns, elevation changes, and beautiful scenery abounds.  Chief Joseph takes you right in to Cody Wyoming.  However, we were ready to get off of Chief Joseph Scenic Highway due to the tar snakes, since they don’t mix well with motorcycles, especially when the weather is warm.

About ¾ the way through Chief Joseph Scenic Highway, we encountered a couple of emergency vehicles, then a couple more, then a couple more…  Around 8 in total police, ambulances, fire trucks, etc.  Something bad must have happened, but not sure what.  It is an eerie feeling when you are riding a motorcycle and seeing that many emergency vehicles.

Lake Creek Falls - Beartooth
Theresa and Kathy at the Falls
Last Day of Skiing
Dont Try This At Home
Beartooth Lake
Silver Dollar Saloon - Cody WY
We rolled in to Cody and toured the town for the Honda dealer to get Ronnie’s bike scoped to see what error code it was throwing.  As bad luck had it, the Honda reseller was not a certified garage, which Honda only allows to do service work and scope for error codes.  We had to wait for Rapid City since there was an authorized repair shop there.  That completed, we went downtown and looked for a place to eat.  We hit the Silver Dollar Saloon for lunch, which was a hit.   

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway (note GPS)
There was a rodeo during the time we were in Cody, so stopping here for the night was not going to be an option.  So after lunch, we headed east towards the Big Horns in order to get to Sheridan.  Our route took us through the northern section of Wyoming, where we smelled smoke from the fires in Montana drifting down.  Once we got close to the Big Horns, we paused for a rest stop and to get water for us and fuel for the bikes.  On our way in to the mountains, we met back up with a guy running a Honda Valkyrie, which was similar to a bike like Ronnie used to own.  The gentleman was pleasant to talk to and stated he was from the Sheridan area.  He stated he was going to run the northern pass, which is 14A over to 14 Hwy, since he didn’t take that route coming over the last time.  So, we followed him…  up the old 14A, which was closed.  It was a bleak less than 2 lane road that snaked up the hill towards a camping ground and looked less traveled than any road we had been on.  After he trekked up the mountainside a ways, we noticed he turned around. We stopped and chatted with him again and he said the road was closed and that we needed to turn around to get back on the highway.  So we did, back on to 14A, the intended route.  What scenery this was.  The highway joined up with 14 a ways in, which took us right to Sheridan. 

We stopped in Sheridan for some gas, checked out a hotel in the same parking lot, and then decided on looking for a dinner spot to inquire about more motels availability and prices.  We looked at the gps again for places to eat, which we though we had found a Mexican cuisine restaurant.  No such luck, as both were shut down.  We ended up going to downtown to a place called Sanford’s Pub and Grub.  It was a hit with all of us, since the menu was filled with a lot of options.  The best part - $1 domestic pints with food purchase, all day, every day.  Score!  We called hotels and motels again and found a place called Alamo Motel, which was a local place with a double room, three-bed option for $79. Score again! 

Other highlights:
·      National/State Parks: Bighorn National Forest
·      Miles: ~ 270

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