Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Trip: To The Tail of The Dragon (foreword)

Road trips are fun, right? Well, the case of the most recent trip I went on, fun was an understatement. My name is Rob Smith, who is just a guy that likes to have a good time, which sometimes includes riding motorcycles and being adventurous. Beginning Friday, June 10th, I traveled with my wife, Kathy, and two good friends, Ronnie and Theresa Wolfe. Kathy and I were riding a black and orange 2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Screamin Eagle. Theresa and Ronnie were riding an illusion blue 2002 Honda Goldwing (with no fancy letters or manly catchy phrases added). Both equipped with intercoms and CB’s for internal and external communication.

Other than getting to our cabin in the Smoky Mountains by Sunday evening, we didn’t really have any set plans on our 10-day road trip. There weren’t really any rules either, other than minimizing travel on interstate highways. Oh yeah, and no wise cracks about Ronnie’s age. However, I felt I could poke a jab here and there, since I am a card-carrying AARP member (fact, but only by proxy).

I took the liberty to journal our adventure. Most of the memories were captured from my viewpoint. However, some of the others provided some input. Of course, the contact we had with people we met along the way provided some good interaction as well. I hope you enjoy a recap of our recent road trip to The Tail of the Dragon.

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