Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Glacier Experience - Day 11

Day 11 – Tuesday, July 3 – Alliance NE to Kansas City MO  
No roosters to wake us up, we had to resort to cell phone alarm clocks.  On the road by 6:00 AM local (7:00 AM CST), we headed east through the Nebraska Sandhills on Hwy 2.  The sun was in our face, but the weather was pleasant.  We enjoyed the cool start, knowing that the heat of the day would meet us soon enough. 

There wasn’t much to this portion of the trip, knowing that the start and the end of the journey would take us through a somewhat boring stretch in Kansas as well as Nebraska.  That is life as a Kansas Citian, so we deal with it.

We stopped for breakfast in Broken Bow Nebraska at the City Café and Donut Shop.  It was more like brunch, since it took us around 3 hours to get there from Alliance, but all was well.  Little did we know, there was a McDonalds in town.  I’m sure that would have been the stop if Theresa had known… :)

We got back on the bikes and motored through Grand Island via Hwy 2 and on to I-80 in to Lincoln.  We stopped for more fuel and water at a gas station in Lincoln before heading towards the very familiar I-29.

Jumping on I-29 felt very familiar. Almost like home.  We arrived back home around 5:15 PM CST, which meant we were on the road for 10 hours straight; including stops for gas, water, and eats.  The plan was to go home and shower, then meet at the local sports bar called Gators Eight for taco Tuesday.

Overall the trip was a success. No big events that challenged us to much.  The heat was a bit much on the first and last days, but we kind of knew that going in to it.  The cooler temperatures in the mountains made it all worth it.  We discussed our entire trip over dinner, a bit in haste, but all decided we tried to pack to much in a short amount of time.  I asked Ronnie, Theresa and Kathy if there was anything they would do different and for the most part, the feeling was no.

Another successful road trip and glacier experience!

Other highlights:
·      National/State Parks: Nebraska National Forest; Nebraska Sandhills
·      560 mile day
·      Route: http://tinyurl.com/0703-Day11

 And some extra shots....

Kathy Relaxing
At Medine Bow Curve

Elk at Estes
Elk at Estes

Elk at Estes

Glacier National Park Tunnel
On The Road Again

Ronnie Reading

Rob Updating

Glacier Waterfall
Beartooth River

Theresa Posin
Ronnie Shootin

Cody Wyoming

Wildlife at Yellowstone
More Wildlife at Yellowstone

Lake Jackson - Tetons

Bear Tooth Highway / Pass
Glacier National Park

A Tour Bus at Glacier National Park
Rob and Kathy at Glacier

Kathy and Theresa - Yellowstone

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